Sunday, April 15, 2012

Xpistos Avesti! Happy Greek Easter!

Xpistos Avesti = Christ has Risen!
Alithos Avesti = Truly He has Risen!

Today is Greek Easter, also known as Pascha, also known as Eastern Orthodox Easter. For those in the know, the pics below will definitely be familiar! Xpovia Polla to all my family and friends, and may this truly blessed day find all in good health!

Icon of the Resurrection of Christ

Candles are lit in Orthodox churches Saturday night at midnight, proclaiming the resurrection of Christ and  that "light has now defeated darkness". If you are in Greece the "fire" lighting your candle is from the Holy Light that appears miraculously at the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. If you are in other parts of the world the candlelight has been blessed prior to passing it to the congregation.

Red eggs at Pascha (Easter) symbolize the resurrection of Christ. The red color serves to remind us of the precious blood of God the Redeemer, which was shed on the cross for the salvation of all men. There is also a miracle related to Mary Magdalene and the "red" color of the eggs.

Lamb is a traditional food served on Pascha, Easter Sunday. And yes, Greeks know that lamb IS meat, contrary to what you may remember from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding!"

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